Living Victorious


Sometimes we find ourselves facing a challenge we had never expected.  For me ~ it was cancer.  During that time, I learned so much… how to live with an uncertain future, how to fight with everything I had, how to handle weakness, true humility, and extreme gratitude.  It was a journey like none other, a time of truths revealed, and a story lived, I believe, in order to be told.

Inspired by the journal I kept during this time, I developed a body of work that includes paintings and writing which reflect upon this personal battle.  Small pieces of the story are told here as they had unfolded in my life.  Somewhere inside each experience is something of value, and these “vignettes” are shared through brushstroke and word with honesty and authenticity.  This is geared for all those who have lived through, or who are currently dealing with a difficult trial in their lives.  It is my desire, in some small way, to inspire others to carry on the good fight, and find a way to live victorious, even now.

Thus, Living Victorious is about choice when facing a difficult journey.  It is about a state of mind not bound by circumstance.  It’s not about living a life without trial; it’s about finding the riches that are hidden within them.  Living Victoriously speaks to joy despite hardship, unrelenting hope, a courageous spirit, an enduring strength, a grateful heart, a humbled soul, an unexplainable peace, an undeniable faith.  Living Victoriously is about one who, having faced it all, remains standing to say… I am.

What I Believe

I believe there is one true God.  Everything I have come to know about God has been through my relationship with His son, Jesus Christ, and through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  I believe that the same God who created all things also knows my heart intimately, and loves me despite my failings.  I believe that God is almighty, and therefore also capable of the simple task of writing a book.  It’s called the bible, and I believe it is the inspired word of God, holy and true.  I believe that Christ died on the cross for my sins so that I may have eternal life with God.  Until that day, Christ has given the gift of the Holy Spirit to guide me through this world. Through bible study, Godly people, Spirit-led churches, worship, prayer, and personal experience, I have learned much about the Lord.  It is my desire to continue to grow this living, breathing, loving relationship with Him.

Through my writing and artwork, you will see what life looks from the eyes of a Believer when facing a difficult life challenge.  It is not my intention to preach, it is only my intention to tell the truth, and to share it with you.


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  1. … what a great way to launch 2011 and to begin the next phase of a spectacular story. You rock Lady!

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